The Physics of Computing

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  Marilyn Wolf is the Rhesa "Ray" S. Farmer Distinguished Chair of Embedded Computing Systems and Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She received the ASEE/CSE and HP Frederick E. Terman Award in 2003 and the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Education Award in 2006. She is a Fellow of the IEEE and ACM.

  • Covers the physical principles that underlie computer system design.
  • Supplementary materials on this Web site and Embedded Systems Channel on YouTube.
  • Explains the physics underlying architectural concepts such as DFVS, the memory wall, and the power wall.
  • A comprehensive introduction to the state-of-the-art for both students and practitioners.
      Table of Contents 
       Chapter 1 Electronic Computers
      Chapter 2 Transistors and Integrated Circuits
      Chapter 3 Logic Gates
      Chapter 4 Sequential Machines
      Chapter 5 Processors and Systems
      Chapter 6 Input and Output
      Chapter 7 Emerging Technologies
      Appendix A Useful Constants and Formulas
      Appendix B Circuits
      Appendix C Probability
      Appendix D Advanced Topics

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